Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

I'm not going to....

Black Lips - Bad Kids

Now something in english.
What I'm not going to do this year...

This year I will not go to Starbucks, because:
1. They're unbelievable expensive.
2. The staff members are impolite.
3. These big companys destroy little cute coffee houses.
And I mean; They are everywhere! Isn't it a little scary?

I'm not going to drink Coca Cola or anything from the Coca Cola Company, because they want to privatise water and this is something what I can just shake my head about.

I don't want to support McDonalds anymore, because of several reasons. The bad treating of the animals is one of them they don't call them cow or chicken, they just call it flesh and that's soo unbelievable nasty. I can't go there anymore and it's going to be a hard job, because I love the food.
The company is as evil as the pope... but shhhh :D

And I won't ever use the words indie or hipster to describe a person, because this is totally annoying.

btw. every person who feels addressed by reading hipster or indie is going to get a e-card like this, after finish reading.


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