Montag, 11. Juli 2011

Time is just a melody

As I said in the last post, I went shopping with my friend and blogger Jenni. At first we went to Friedrichstraße and there we went to Weekday I just love this store! At the moment they have up to 75% off of the last seasons collection! I didn''t buy anything.

Next stop Alexanderplatz.
Jenni showed me a drink called Bubble Tea, it's a funny kind of ice tea and you can chose between flavoured greentea, blacktea, coffee or yoghurt with kind of bubbles filled with different flavours like strawberry or passion fruit. It's just nice when you drink and it makes this *blobb* thing.

After drinking the bubble tea loughing and taking some pictures we went to Alexa a nice shopping mall. There's a store called claire's where I finally found my lovely double ring with the cross.

I just feld in love with this ring.

It was such a nice day and now I'm waiting for Jenni's post and her photos.


  1. omg gut zu wissen das es diesen ring bei claires gibt , ich such so einen schon seit monaten *o*

    Gutes englisch : O

    liebe grüße ♥

  2. thehe :D Post ist grade beim bearbeiten ;D

  3. I love your bowler hat- it's adorable!

  4. Nice, I love your cardigan. :)

  5. Danke :> Ich hab schon immer Angst, dass es auf den Keks geht mit meiner Musik. :D

    Der Ring ist wirklich sehr schön.