Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Wir haben den Sommer eröffnet.

Endlich ist es warm!
So wundervoll, dass ich den Samstag einfach nur am See verbringen konnte (:

Hey, yo, I once was a kid, all I had was a dream
Mo money, mo problems, when I get it I'm going to pile it up
Now I'm dope, Wonderbread we can toast
So fresh how we flow, everybody get their style from us
Hey, yo, I once was a kid with the other little kids
Now I'm ripping up shows and them fans going wild with us
Tell mommy I'm sorry, this life is a party
I'm never growing up

Remember you was a kid, reminisce, days of the innocence
Now it's Chiddy Bang, Google me the images
Follow me, follow me, I'm the leader
And when I park cars I don't pay for the meter
I remember I was younger as a kid it was the best
I used to touch on all the pretty girls at recess
I'm at my peak, yes, I won't leave yet
Serial style, cereal all I need's Chex
I can make these rappers run like a hard drill
Rock band show you how the guitar feel
And I could care less how ya'll feel
I got a flow that make a bitch do a cartwheel
This is that good, just puff it and relax bro
And you could get it free, don't worry about the tax though
And Xaphoon, thank you for the crack
But I play a Ron Burgundy, I anchor on the track like what

Can I please get a little bit of knowledge?
Somebody tell Roth that I don't love college
Because the real world's kind of like Real World
And it's drama, so you are Svetlana
And I'm just a rhymer, swimming in the water
Trying to dodge the piranha, and fly to Bahamas
Pretty little mama, Chiddy in the spot
Where you at, pearl lady? Show me what you got
They say, "Why you rapping for the kids for"
I say my clothes come fitted, the Lids store
This summer you can catch me on a big tour
I'm high grade,I think they need to quiz more
And let me get with you, don't let the kid hit you
I'm the photo album for ??, big picture
The rule is, the dude is, so up so chuck, I'm a cool kid

I'm never growing up.


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